Galatea Fine Art – April 2017

On view until April 30, 2017

Philip Gerstein
Wild at Heart: Works on Paper and Other Adventures

This show is about the art of taking chances…
of challenging oneself to keep going within each painting — past the point of well-balanced, well-crafted, or a variation of something safely familiar– to keep going as long and as far as it will take me and itself.
Each painting then is a possible world, a one-time experiment, that sings its own song, that looks for its own joy within the universal pursuit of happiness, the universal attempt to avoid pain… .
Each painting is a play of the illusions of depth and movement, but at the very same time real material textured and touchable… .
Each painting is a generator of emotions in its colored and reverberating presence… .

This is the spirit of unending experimentation that I for one find so liberating.
I work on a painting until I discover something I have not seen before…

Louise Weinberg
From Darkness, Light

The works in this current exhibit were produced during my recent struggle with a rare neurologic disease that shares some features with Parkinson’s Disease. This illness and the side effects of medications have affected both my physical abilities and my mental state.
Throughout this difficult period of adjustment, I have continued to work in the same manner that I always had, painting from my unconscious imagination rather than from physical reality. These recent paintings are the result. In one series, floral arrangements emerge unexpectedly from the darkness, bathed in light. In another series, vague feminine figures appear in ambiguous poses, merging with colorful backgrounds.
Both these series of paintings reflect the visual experiences I have had during my illness. My perception of reality can be distorted at times, in what the neurologist and author Oliver Sachs referred to as “illusions,” as distinguished from hallucinations. Images appear from the darkness, and I am sometimes surprised by fleeting images of visitors whom I encounter upon entering a room. As they cannot be avoided for now, I choose to embrace these visions as part of my life and my art.

Michael Shores
Cloud Creatures and Other Delusions

“What the artist saw while lying
Hash addled on his bed
Gazing at the white stucco ceiling
12 feet above his head ”

What types of visions are conjured up while staring at a wall covered in bird droppings? Da Vinci pondered this as well as Salvador Dali and maybe every other artist with half a soul. In this exhibition I attempt to give form to those entities that only can be viewed by a certain kind of creative being.

Many of these painting were inspired by a visit to a sacred ancient place in the American Southwest where I experienced an epiphany of biomorphic forms in sandstone. The intensity of this place cannot really be described in human terms. Perhaps a visit to another planet might be the closest feeling. Being there completely convinced me of the existence of an alien life form that existed millions of years before man.

These crude representations are the end result of lessons learned while in this place and in that state of mind.

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Marjorie Kaye

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