Galatea Fine Art – February 2016

Brenda van der Beek: Paradoxical Daydreams
Diane Novetsky: EARTHSHIFTER
Connie Bigony and Yvonne Lamothe: Fauvistically SpeakingFebruary 3-28, 2016
Opening Reception:  February 5, 2016, 6-8pm

Brenda van der Beek: Paradoxical Daydreams

“My geometric abstractions are a composition of the urgent and the random, the rational and the irrational, the calm and the chaotic. I am interested in mapping digested moods and experiences into a psychological terrain through linear and geometric structures, patterning and color. I end up with a visual map that is a depiction of the organization of the mind.
Every painting and mixed media drawing commands either a dominant geometric structure, a protagonist if you will, structural elements, or a composition of both. The urgency in the work lies in the need to build in two dimensions. I work without any planning as this seems to stifle me. The mixed media work came after having painted on canvas for years and opened up new and unexpected results. The fusion of my love for linear elements and the search for a geometric landscape drives every piece as I attempt to work beyond merely the formal. It was not until later in my life, after my father passes away, that I made a connection to his profession as a builder and remembering watching him drawing blueprints. Whether it is nature or nurture, my love of architecture certainly made sense.
Creation out of my imagination brings along the turbulence of everyday life. Through visualization and then translation to imagery it is possible to make sense of the chaos. However, in the end I always look at my work in the role of a viewer and need to experience both ambiguity and tranquility before I declare it completed.”

Diane Novetsky: EARTHSHIFTER

“The title of my show,
EARTHSHIFTER refers to my concern with the materiality of paint as well as the way I manipulate space on a two-dimensional surface. It also reflects my focus on the land, skies and waters of our dynamic, yet fragile planet Earth.
While my work is abstract, the representation of natural forces is clearly present. I’m interested in the duality of these forces-the light and dark spirit of nature, especially forces of growth, decay, and regeneration.

My work evolves intuitively from an inner cache of dreams, half-forgotten memories, and glimpses of everyday life. The core of each painting’s meaning lies in the “conversation” I have with the work in progress. I begin with an idea or direction, but the work will suggest for me where to go from there. My paintings invite the viewer to trace this dialogue and to participate in its creation.

My paintings are built up in layers-like the strata of the earth-using a variety of acrylic based mediums, such as pumice gel, which echo the gritty qualities of natural sand and stone. I move heavy-bodied paint around with a variety of paint knives and brushes to create the sense of shifting space and light in an atmosphere of luminous color.

Connie Bigony and Yvonne Troxell Lamothe:  Fauvistically Speaking

“We plan to explore the Fauvist movement individually and together by creating bold, raw, colorful works that reveal our inner depths and bring on the “fauvist response.” Fauvism is the style of les Fauves (French for “the wild beasts,”) a loose group of early twentieth century modern artists disturbed by the complacency and representational values of the Impressionists. Henry Matisse and Andre Derain were two of the prominent leaders of this movement.

May our wild beasts come forth in whatever form they take in our art work. A unique rapport/affinity for the Fauves, their philosophy, their work, their break with tradition, inspires us to emulate their sensibility in our own creative process and to feel the sense of liberation they must have experienced.”


460B Harrison Ave., #B-6
Boston, MA   02118
(617) 542-1500

Hours:  W-F 12-6pm; Sa-Su 12-5pm

Press Contact:
Marjorie Kaye, Managing Artist

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