Galatea Fine Art – July 2016

July 1-31, 2016

Opening Reception:  July 1, 6-8pm

Barbara Eskin: The Net Reconfigured

Christina Beecher, Adam Bullock, James Cole, Randa Dubnick, Alison Horvitz, Susan Leskin:
Sense of Place

Just Be-Cause:  
Membership-wide Affordable Art for Charity
Barbara Eskin:

“My paintings are abstract expressions of personal or collective experiences. One of my aims is to explore hidden dynamics and to make them visible.

Nets, these age-old objects freighted with symbolic meaning, have been holding my attention for a while now. Nets restrain, they rein in and capture, provoking resistance. But they may also have entirely different functions, connecting parts to create a whole, providing support and structure, or simply creating a beautiful effect. Since we are human, these things may easily get all mixed up, leading to ambivalence and also to intriguing ambiguities, both for the artist and for the viewer.

Initially, after finding a piece of torn fishing net at a beach, I used the net as a printing tool: The ink (or oil)-drenched imprint of netting suggested a powerful reality. I proceeded to react against it, erase it, paint over it, create negative spaces, layers–or I to simply treat it as an entity in its own right. Throughout this process, the appearance and the meaning of the net kept changing.

Three years into my Net Works I decided to start a new project, give up on nets, to “hang them on the nail”, as the expression goes in German (much like a tool which one does not use any more), but then the piece in which I did just that led instead to a new departure.

That piece of canvas, with its shadowy projection of a net, told a story, and it made me want to tell others. I produced more cut outs, which turned into building blocks for a new reality. The net may be taking center stage again, but in doing so it is transfigured.

Along with these cut outs, I continue to print and paint, tackling the net directly on the canvas. Some days seem to be made for cutting, others for integration.

As I am writing this, I am working on ways to free the cut outs even further, to make them leave the frame and take on a life of their own.” – Barbara Eskin

This small group exhibition focuses on the act of seeking one’s relative position in one’s current geography; whether that focus is within or without, this exhibition is concerned with the topography of vision.

At Galatea Fine Art, gallery members combine their interest in art and social responsibility during the month of July for no reason other than… Just Be-Cause. The exhibit, co-curated by Kirstin Ilse and Marsha Nouritza Odabashian, raises awareness of an array of causes such as human rights, poverty, animal rights, health, and the environment. Participating artists will each designate a charitable organization that aspires toward alleviating a social or environmental concern, with which they personally resonate.

460B Harrison Ave., #B-6
Boston, MA   02118
(617) 542-1500

Hours:  Wednesday – Friday 12-6pm
Saturday, Sunday 12-5pm

Press Contact:  Marjorie Kaye


Source: Galatea Fine Art

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