Galatea Fine Art – June 2016

Galatea Fine Art: June 2016

June 1-26, 2016
Opening Reception: June 3rd, 6-8pm


George Shaw

there is little we crave other than an illusion to call our own
a fleeting moment disguised as a pillow
a lovers breath of betrayal
the iron bell calls us all to worship
nothing more, nothing less.-George ShawWe live from moment to moment but rarely in the moment. Time appears to be a
seamless flow from then to now to when. But to perceive time we are forced to break it up into ticks of a clock, endlessly making each tick shorter as we perfect our measure.

We thus create a paradox or perhaps a conundrum that makes existence perceptible. Although we think that time marches on as we perceive it, it flows backwards. We live for tomorrow but we can never reach it. When we do it all too quickly becomes but a memory – a dream that never ends.  But what of that moment between moments?

The works in this exhibition are a continuation of my interest and fascination with what that place may be and what tales it may tell.

Ruth Lague

Ruth LaGue strives for visual economy in her work. She finds that the most exciting part of the creative process is observing the juxtaposition of colors and textures as they form a depth of field – how a simple dark line next to a light field of color can come alive and represent a landscape in its barest form.

Ed Friedman

Whether we like it or not, guns are part of our culture. And it is most likely a part of the culture that is not going away any time soon, and probably will never go away. This show will be a multi-media (still images, video and book) which look at several aspects of the gun culture in a way that most people will not seen it before. The materials being shown are meant to help explore those aspects and neither condone or condemn them.

Galatea Fine Art

460B Harrison Ave., #B-6
Boston, MA   02118
(617) 542-1500
www.galateafineart.comHours:  Wednesday-Friday 12-6pm; Saturday and Sunday 12-5pm
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