Galatea Fine Art – May 2017

Galatea Fine Art – May 2017

May 3-28, 2017
Opening Reception:  May 5, 6-8pm

Youngsheen Jhe
In – Between

Figurative narrative painting is my main area of work. The reason for this focus is simple. I have an insatiable desire to depict the unfiltered story of everyday-humans. Beauty is but one facet of this depiction; finding it is not enough to satisfy what I seek through my work. The world is brimming with all spectrum of stories, stories from the mundane tasks to metaphysical relationship between the Designer and the designed. In the depiction of the latter, I always find and depict certain warmth and hope found beneath all the facets of everyday- human story.

Dorothy Amore Pilla
Land of Beauty – Land of My Father

I was always aware of what the first nine years of my father’s life growing up Sicily meant to him.  Although farming was not his life’s occupation, he would plant and nurture any bit of land within his reach. I went to Sicily to experience and capture the land of which he was so enamored.Now I know, now I understand his passion for the land and what it produced, and his love for a countryside he knew he would never see again.

From my recent travels throughout Sicily, from coast to coast, I saw the Sicilian land and its people through my father’s eyes. A warm, colorful, generous, kind and at times chaotic people living in ancient buildings nestled in a rolling and undulating landscape. Surrounded by ocean, I experienced much of the cities and rural areas of Sicily through the lens of my camera. I was eager to capture its essence as fodder for my digital images.

The Sicilian the landscape is formed from diverse geological origins, from volcanic rock to granite, from limestone to clay and black volcanic sand. It is vibrant, alive with color and form, and farming follows the contour of the land. In doing so, the farmlands create patchwork illusions, as it does in eastern Pennsylvania where my father’s family settled when they came to this country. I feel a deep connection to the land in both locations.

Niva Shrestha

Architectures of small towns have been the main subject in my work for the last five years. From stairs to poles, boats to houses, every line and shape in the townscape are intertwined to create either the most dynamic movements or the quietest stillness. Thus, I paint on site in these townscapes where wonderful and playful compositions are naturally formed.

460B Harrison Ave., #B-6
Boston, MA   02118
(617) 542-1500

Hours:  Wednesday – Friday, 12-6pm
Saturday – Sunday, 12-5pm

Marjorie Kaye

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