Since the Epoch

Since the Epoch
Opening Reception: Friday, March 10th, 6pm to 8pm
Exhibition: March 10th through 12th

Boston Cyberarts is pleased to present Since the Epoch, an exhibition of work from students in the Digital + Media graduate program at the Rhode Island School of Design. The title of the exhibition is a reference to Unix time, a widely used computer timekeeping system based on counting the seconds passed since the advent of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Often termed the epoch, Thursday January 1, 1970 remains a technical and metaphorical crossing point-marking a change in how our society measures, and perhaps ultimately experiences, the passage of time.

While the work in this exhibition ranges a wide variety of media-from performance to advanced CGI-a reoccurring theme is the confrontation and exploration of time as it relates to digital systems. In Xibaba, by Joseph Winograd, the now ubiquitous timeline of the GIF is exploded into three dimensions. A colorful image sequence by the artist is transformed into a physical animation, a geometric structure built of lenticular prints slowly spinning at eye level. Similarly, in Kristen Shea’s Poetic Simulations, the tensions between the digital and temporal realms are exploited. Short loops of timeless CGI worlds are extended into physical space through projection onto sculptural counterparts. Her video poems, comprised of frames per second, briefly interact with the longer time frame of cement, wood and metal.

The artists in this exhibition include: Ben Aron, Yakun Chen, Evan Daniel, Cody Filardi, Jeremiah Johnson, Xiaohan Li, Xiaopeng Qi, Kristen Shea, Annie Shu Yun Wan, Da Wei, and Joseph Winograd


Source: Boston Cyberarts

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